The 2019 Friends of the Performing Arts Daily Draw Raffle Calendar gives you 30 chances to win from local businesses, with a potential value of over $5,000.

Calendar Raffle

Drawings every day for a month

One winner is drawn each day in April.
Each entry can win more than once.
All proceeds from this sale help support the  performing arts at Amherst Regional High School.

Ticket calendars are $10 and can be purchased in the following locations:
At the upcoming ARHS performing arts events.
From a student involved in one of the performing arts programs.
Purchase right here!  See form below prize list.


Purchase Tickets Here:

Drawing Results:

April 1: Christine Cox
April 2: Ann Marshall
April 3: Tanya Fuller
April 4: Jennifer Reil
April 5: Joan O'Brien
April 6: Jill Kaufman
April 7: Scott Caplan
April 8: Eve Weinbaum
April 9: Cara Rigali
April 10: Jeanette Peterson
April 11: Ruth Hutton
April 12: Jean Janecki
April 13: Max Frenette
April 14: Lisa Cain
April 15: Megan Lewis
April 16: Brya & Paul Barboza
April 17: Anita Greene
April 18: Christine Cox
April 19: Susan Howe
April 20: Chris Sirard
April 21: Rachel Valentine/Michael Grybko
April 22: Sarah Rogowski
April 23: Matthew Charity
April 24: Deron Estes
April 25: Gian Didonna
April 26: Judy Pozar
April 27: Miki Gromaki
April 28: Becky Schneider
April 29: Yousef Fadel
April 30: Daina Carvel


What’s the ultimate gift to support your student?

     The 2019 Friends of the performing arts Daily Draw Raffle Calendar is the perfect gift for anyone that is special in your life. Give it to those you love and expect to be thanked all year long. The calendar is a great gift idea for grandparents, aunts & uncles, “hard-to-buy-for” friends and family, neighbors, hair stylists, child care providers, paper carriers, etc.

What is a 2019 Friends of the Performing Arts Daily Draw Raffle Calendar?

A raffle calendar is your chance to win cash and/or prizes each day of the month for April. For each calendar you purchase, your name will be entered into a daily drawing. Prize amounts vary for each day of April 2019. Details of the cash prize amounts are shown on the calendar.

Who do I write my check out to and for how much?

Friends of the performing Arts. $10 per calendar.

How many calendars will be sold?

As many as we can. Don’t wait to get yours. Buy them, sell them and gift them while they last.

What do I do with my calendar?

Keep it handy all April long. Use it to check to see what prize you may have won. How are winners drawn? One winner will be drawn each day in April by a committee member of the Performing Arts in the High School at 8:00 a.m. Names of the lucky winners will be posted daily on our website as well as Facebook and Instagram.

How will I know if I won?

You will receive an email. Winners are to collect their winnings at within 30 days or forfeit their prize. It will make checking your daily mail much more interesting.

Can I win more than once?

Absolutely. Each winning ticket is returned right back into the drawing. You are eligible to win 30 times!!!

When is the deadline to turn in sold calendar stubs?

March 31, 2019 Our first lucky winner will be drawn and will win ?? on April 1st.

What are the proceeds of this raffle used for?

All money raised in this fundraiser will go towards the performing arts programs provide scholarship and support, replace worn-out instruments, update equipment, help with renovations, purchase sheet music, and much more.


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